What do you do when you’re a small independent grocer with very little money and you’re in a town where new competitors pop up everyday, all claiming to be local? For Lucky’s Market, we created “Bouldervore”, a badge that defined the mindset of all Boulder residents to support truly local establishments. This concept proved to be a lot bigger than Lucky’s itself and is now in the process of spreading to other Boulder businesses. 

Pop-up stands are placed in different neighborhoods every month to make Lucky’s accessible to Bouldervores not living in North Boulder, where Lucky’s Market is located.

Boulder residents love the Farmers’ Market for its fresh produce. so we set up a small stand the week after the Farmers’ Market closes and positioned Lucky’s as the place to buy produce during the winter months.

To call attention to Lucky’s local produce, we started guerilla farming - planting small patches of cropland in busy Boulder locations. These plots had signs explaining how eating local produce is an important aspect in living the Bouldervore lifestyle. 

Boulder’s biggest event of the year is the Bolder Boulder, a 10k race. So it only made sense for Lucky’s Market to show its community pride by having runners dress up in gigantic produce costumes during the Bolder Boulder.

Here are excerpts from their brand book.