SONOS x Beck’s Song Reader

In 2016, Beck released his album, Song Reader. But unlike previous albums, this was released as a book of sheet music, encouraging fans and other musicians to play his music without hearing his renditon first. Anyway, he wanted to have a listening party for his new album played by other musicians. Which is where SONOS Studio came in. 

SONOS has a studio in West Hollywood where they host listening parties or other music related events. When Beck decided to have a listening party there, we decided to deck the place out with art inspired by five of Beck's sheet music. Each artwork had a SONOS speaker that would play you different covers of that particular song. 

We also had a mimi recording studio built in the middle of the space, where people could use provided instruments to record their own versions of Song Reader songs. After recording, the participants were given the option to upload their renditions to—Beck’s online home for the project.

Oh, and Beck showed up for some Q&A with KCRW and McSweeney's. 


Some song art with a SONOS speaker.


A piano that played “Sorry” from the new album.


We also included a mini recording station where attendees can record their rendition of Beck’s new music.


John C. Reilly had a good time.


So did Kyle Gas.


Not so sure about Beck's brah-in-law, Giovanni Ribisi.