SONOS - Fill Your Home With Music

The heat was on. Everyone and their mother decided to jump on the SONOS bandwagon and develop their own wireless music-streaming home audio system. This might have bummed out a few people, but to us it was great news - the category SONOS created no longer needed explanation. This meant we could focus on sharing the SONOS mission - filling every room in your home with music.

For this global campaign, we wanted to demonstrate how SONOS could fill a home with music by using color to visualize sound. So we partnered with an up-and-coming director named, Mark Romanek, who imported a shit ton of LEDs and built a massive “home” in four days like a boss. After everything was shot, we collaborated with a relatively unknown producer/SONOS board member named, Rick Rubin, to figure out music.

The days were long and the nights were even longer. But the results were definitely worth it.





WIRED Magazine Interactive Ad

We worked with WIRED magazine to create an interactive tablet ad that allowed users get a taste of how SONOS works. Users could play different songs in different rooms or even group rooms to play the same song.


Campaign Landing Page
We created a campaign landing page on where visitors could check out the work. The background would change to the same color appearing in the film in real time.

Flash Banners

Static Banners

Pandora Skin