SONOS - Playbar x Karen O

The global campaign was a huge hit. SONOS sold a shit ton of speakers (more than double their expectations in just two months time) and more homes were filled with music than ever before. To continue the momentum, they wanted a follow-up campaign that focused primarily on PLAYBAR, their wireless sound bar. Thing is, they didn't have a whole lot of money and, of course, wanted something just as great as before. 

After rounds and rounds of work, we decided to keep it simple by reusing the beautiful Romanek footage and allocate all the money into licensing awesome content. We knew we wanted to pair the showdown in Once Upon a Time in the West with Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff", but we wanted to offer music fans something different. So we collaborated with Karen O and Sam Spiegel (aka Squeak E Clean aka one half of N.A.S.A. aka Spike Jonze's brother) to create a cover of the Bob Marley classic. I think it turned out pretty great.


Check out the full-length track. 


And because you can't have a song without album art these days, we got hooked up with Sam's buddy, Galen Pehrson. If you’re into Disney-like characters doing perverted things, Galen's your man.